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Average Salary in Kuwait 2022 is 22,508 KWD ($74803.29) per year.

The given average salary in Kuwait for the year 2022 is 22,508 KWD ($74803.29). The highest and the lowest salaries are in the range between 41,899 KWD ($139247.51) to 19,511 KDW ($64843.03) per year.

Average Salary in Kuwait 2022:

Less than 2 years19,511 KDW ($64843.03)
More than 2 years22,508 KWD ($74803.29)
More than 5 years41,899 KWD ($139247.51)

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How much monthly income does one make in Kuwait?

According to the most recent data of 2022, the average salary in Kuwait is 22,508 KWD ($74803.29).  The salary also varies according to the career type and gender. The highest-paid personnel belong to the Military with an average income of 41,899 KWD ($139247.51), while the people from law receive an average salary of 34,714 KWD ($115368.82). Women’s minimum salary in Kuwait is generally less than the men’s. They receive an average annual income of 19,511 KDW ($64843.03). On the contrary, men make slightly higher with an approximate figure of 22,250 KWD ($73945.85).

The job of an accountant is among the lower-earning streams in the country. The minimum salary of an accountant in Kuwait is around 382.58 (1271.47) KWD per year. On the highest level, it can go as much as 12000 KWD ($39880.91). Still, when compared according to the exchange value, the currency is more than three times the value of a US dollar. So even the lowest paying jobs might be highly lucrative in Kuwait.

Living in Kuwait is 51.67% less costly than in New York. Even the rent is on average 67.71% less than what you would pay in the most expensive city of the USA (New York). So if you get this opportunity to find work in Kuwait, prepare for a career boost and a better living style.

What are the Average Salaries in Kuwait by different Job titles?

Job Titles Annual Salary
Real Estate Manager 6800 KWD ($22611.39)
Financial Consultant 6,700 KWD ($22278.87
HR Professionals 6,000 KWD ($19951.22)
Environment Manager 5100 KWD ($16958.54)

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Kuwait has become a magnet for attracting foreigners to work in the country. The nation is abundant in oil, thus, offering great working opportunities to people from around the globe. Kuwait is a small country with a relatively smaller population. Therefore, businesses in all sectors rely on foreigners to work for them.

One factor that can essentially attract foreigners to look for work opportunities in the country is the average salary in Kuwait. The wages offered to the workers can be a determining factor to leave their current job in their home country and look for work opportunities abroad. This article is a quick sneak peek into Kuwait’s living cost and the average salary for all the aspirant emigrants to Kuwait.

What is considered a good salary in Kuwait?

Kuwait is among those gulf countries that generally pay higher salaries than other countries. A good salary depends on the lifestyle and number of people in the house. Generally, for a family of four aspiring to live a good life, 500-1000kwd is considered a good average salary in Kuwait. In comparison, it is splendid for two people. Generally, education is a little costly in Kuwait, so if you have school-going kids, this may take some reasonable chunk out of your salary.

How much is the average salary in Kuwait for high paying jobs?

Kuwait is famous for paying good salaries to its employees. The GDP in Kuwait allows for the companies to keep their employees satisfied with attractive remunerations. Some lucrative jobs are found in the oil and engineering sector as the economy depends on oil extraction and its sale. Other booming sectors in Kuwait include real estate. A real estate manager earns 6800 KWD ($22611.39).

Financial reporting and consultancy is another profession, paying a good sum to their workers. According to a survey, the average income in Kuwait for a financial consultant is  6,700 KWD ($22278.87). This is the second-highest paying profession in Kuwait. One of the factors for high salary is because there is a dearth of such skills in Kuwait.

Human resource professionals are highly respectable in Kuwait. The profession is crucial to the regular and smooth functioning of a company’s activities. In Kuwait, HR professionals earn 6,000 KWD ($19951.22) and garner the same respect as CEOs.

As the world is moving towards more awareness about the environment, the job of environmentalists has become very important. The average salary in Kuwait for an environment manager is 5100 KWD ($16958.54).

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How is the job market in Kuwait?

As already mentioned, about 70% of the population in Kuwait consists of expats. For working in Kuwait, you need a work permit except for people from GCC (Gulf cooperation countries). Most expats in Kuwait are employed in manual labor with a low average income. Though, some foreigners are working in the high-paying sectors as well. Though finding such jobs might be a little tricky. The most in-demand jobs in Kuwait are linked to oil production and management.


Kuwait is one of the wealthiest countries in the gulf region. It is also one of the highest-paying nations with the most valuable currency in the world. The average salary in Kuwait is enough for most people to live a moderate life. However, you might have to look for other sectors such as banking, administration, and information technology for a life of luxury.


What is the normal salary in Kuwait?

The annual median wage in Kuwait in 2022 is 22,508 KWD, which is equivalent to $74803.29.

Which job pays the highest salary in Kuwait?

Executive Management and Change professionals have the highest average salaries in Kuwait, coming in at $152,000 per year.

What is the lowest paying job in Kuwait?

The minimum salary in Kuwait is currently 60 KWD per month, which are equal to $216.

Does Kuwait pay per hour?

In Kuwait, the typical hourly wage is 5 KWD.