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Average Salary of a Nurse around 77,500 USD per year.

A person working as a Nurse in United States typically earns around 77,500 USD per year.Salaries typically start from $46944 and go up to $92993.

Average Salary of a Nurse in 2022 :

Beginner (Less than 3 years)77,500 USD
Intermediate (More than 3 years)$46944
Professional (More than 6 years )$92993

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Average Salary of a Nurse in 2022 by job titles:

Job Title Average Salary
Acute Care Nurse 84,500 USD
Assistant Director of Nursing 139,000 USD
Case Manager 104,000 USD
Company Nurse 62,100 USD
Critical Care Nurse 85,200 USD
District Nurse 80,100 USD
Head Nurse 93,600 USD
Home Nurse 70,300 USD
ICU Registered Nurse 79,300 USD
Informatics Nurse Specialist 86,000 USD
Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) 75,500 USD
MDS Coordinator 86,600 USD
Mental Health Nurse 80,400 USD
Neonatal Nurse Practitioner 109,000 USD
Nurse 77,500 USD
Nurse Midwife 86,800 USD
Nurse Practitioner 92,900 USD
Nursing Assistant 69,900 USD
Nursing Coordinator 84,900 USD
Nursing Director 176,000 USD
Nursing Services Instructor 87,200 USD
Nursing Supervisor 120,000 USD
Occupational Health Advisor 144,000 USD
Occupational Therapist 121,000 USD
Personal Support Worker 62,400 USD
Psychiatric Nurse 72,600 USD
Registered Nurse 80,400 USD
Respiratory Manager 149,000 USD
School Nurse 66,800 USD
Staff Nurse 74,600 USD
Theatre Manager 128,000 USD
Utilization Review Nurse 82,800 USD

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Nursing in Canada is a great profession that I encourage everyone to pursue. However, the job is demanding from every perspective, physically, emotionally and psychologically. The situations you deal with can be very stressful and sad and overtime this can take a toll on you. Therefore it is important that you consider this, and not just think about the financial rewards of a job. With that being said let’s start todays video.The provinces that I am going to be talking about are british columbia, alberta, saskatchewan,manitoba, ontario and quebec as these are the most populated provinces in Canada. Calculating salaries for registered nurses working full time in these provinces is not that straight forward as the years of experience you work increases your salary.