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The Average General Practice Lawyer Salary in 2022 is $109,000/year.

General Practice Lawyer Salary

There is a great variation in the highest and the lowest salaries of general practice lawyers. The highest maximum salary is $217,000 and their minimum salary amount is $59,000 per year. The average salary is reported as $109,000 per year.

General Practice Lawyer Salary 2022:

Less than 2 years$59,000
More than 2 years$109,000
More than 5 years$217,000

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How Much Does a General Practice Lawyer Make?

The average general practice lawyer salary in the United States is roughly $109,000/year. This gives an estimated breakdown of about $53/hour and $9083.3/month. 

Most general practice attorney salaries in the US range from $59,000 to $119,500, which is in the 25th percentile of general lawyer practice salary and the 75th percentile, respectively. The top salary of general practice lawyers can go up to as high as $217,000. 

General Practice Lawyer Salaries in different cities of the US 2022:

City Annual Salary
San Francisco, CA $135,131
Fremont, CA $129,634
San Jose, CA $126,412
Oakland, CA $125,014
Tanaina, AK $124,622
Wasilla, AK $124,621
Sunnyvale, CA $122,607
Hayward, CA $122,395
Jackson, WY $121,882
Norwalk, CT $121,674

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General practice law is like the ‘family doctor’ of law – to whom non-complex and non-emergent matters are taken up to. Even then, the median general practice lawyer salary is high enough – lying at USD 110,000s/year. 

What Does a General Practice Lawyer Do?

A general practice lawyer job includes a wide variety of cases to oversee. Most of the time, they deal with a little less complicated cases that are more commonly found in society than others – hence the name, ‘general practice.’

This huge array of cases could consist of divorces and leases. Or even perhaps bankruptcy and minor criminal law cases. They also tend to earn their salary as a general practice lawyer by working with medium or small-sized businesses, assisting them in their day-to-day legal matters.  

How To Become a General Practice Lawyer?

An aspiring general practice attorney must take the following steps to fulfill his requirements to be eligible to practice general law: 

  1. Earn an undergraduate degree 
  2. Take the LSAT (Law School Admission Test)
  3. Go to law school using the LSAT score – during law school, one should aim to study a variety of courses for smooth encounters throughout practice. Therefore, courses can include property law, tort law, family law, administrative law, criminal law, probate law, and contract law. They should also do appellate work and litigation
  4. Complete internships during law school 
  5. Pass the State’s Bar Exam
  6. Additionally, one can also aim to obtain their master’s degree

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General Practice Lawyer Salary by Location:

How much do general practice lawyers make can be affected by location, skills, education, and years of experience? Given the location factor, refer to the following list to compare the median US general practice lawyer salary with salaries in some other cities: 

  • San Francisco: $164,000/year
  • Chicago: $104,000/year
  • Washington: $157,000/year
  • Boston: $150,000/year
  • Dallas: $136,000/year
  • Atlanta: $120,000/year
  • Seattle: $124,000/year