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The average salary in Thailand 2022 is 1,174,294 THB ($35123.80) Per Year.

The Average Salary in Thailand is reported as 1,174,294 THB ($35123.80) Per year. The range of highest and the lowest salary is 433,000 THB ($13,011.41) to 24,500 THB ($ 736.12).

Average Salary in Indonesia 2022:

Less than 2 years24,500 THB ($ 736.12)
More than 2 years1,174,294 THB ($35123.80)
More than 5 years433,000 THB ($13,011.41)

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How much is the average salary in Thailand?

The average salary in Thailand is 1,174,294 THB ($35123.80). The starting salary in Thailand varies according to many factors, and one of those is the employees’ experience. The salary also differs according to different cities. For instance, the average wage in Phuket is 336 baht ($10.05) per day, while in Bangkok, it is 331 baht ($9.90) per day.

Generally speaking, more years of experience implies a higher average income in Thailand. Employees having two to five years of working experience earn approximately 32% more than those who just started working or people with less than two years of experience.

Professionals with more than five years of experience earn 36% higher than those with lesser experience. After ten years of experience, the salary increases by 21%, and after hitting a fifteen-year mark, employees experience a further 14% increment in their salaries.

Average Salary in Indonesia by Job Titles:

Job Titles Average Salary
Top Management 31895 THB ($957.81)
CEO’s 20K THB ($600.60) to 93K THB ($2792.79)
Information Technology 25275 THB ($759.01)
Management Sector 8,263.00 THB ($248.14)
Leasing 19052 THB ($572.13)
Banking Sector 16264 THB ($488.41)

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Thailand is situated in Southeast Asia, bordering Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, and Malaysia. It is one of the most beautiful countries and a tourist attraction for people all around the world. According to the 2022 survey, the unemployment rate in Thailand is 1-2%, and 69.9 million people are living in the country. The total workforce working in Thailand is around 38 million. The Illegal workforce faces heavy fines, imprisonment, and often deportation. In the section below, we will find out the average salary in Thailand.

What other factors affect the average salary in Thailand?

One of the factors affecting the average pay in Thailand is gender. Typically, males earn more than women. The average income of women in Thailand is 912,132 THB ($27282.39), while the men earn an average salary of 1,397,640 THB ($41804.21).

Another differentiating factor is the career type. Among the higher paying jobs are Engineers & Technicians, who earn an average income of 2,421,953 THB ($72441.99).

The salary in Thailand also varies according to age. The average monthly salary for people under twenty-four years of age is 11,533 THB ($344.89). The income increases as you get older, so the people between 25-34 years of age earn 16,555 THB (495.07), more than the previous group. After forty-four years of age, the average salary in Thailand starts decreasing.

According to the educational level, employees with a Masters degree receive the highest salary, earning 1,476,856 THB ($44173.60) per year. It is followed by those with a Doctorate who earn an average income of 1,356,733 THB ($40580.66).

People who have crossed the 20+ years of work mark receive an average salary of 2,341,095 THB ($70023.49), and those falling between 16-20 years of experience earn slightly less with a yearly figure of 1,769,146 THB ($52916.17).

How much is the salary in Thailand for foreigners?

Thailand is the home of many foreigners, with many concentrated in Bangkok. With so many people living in the country, undoubtedly that they are doing some job. The good news is that the Thai government has decided on a minimum wage for foreigners. The average salary for foreigners depends on their country of origin. The people from western European countries, Australia and Canada, etc., receive the highest salary of 50,000 THB ($1495.53)/month.

How much is the average salary in Thailand according to career choices?

Career choice is one of the major factors affecting the average salary you can make in Thailand. Top management is the highest salary getter in Thailand, with an average of 31895 THB ($957.81) across the professions. A CEO can make between 20K THB ($600.60) to 93K THB ($2792.79) per month. Other high paying career choices include management with a salary range of 8,263.00 THB ($248.14) to 39,086 THB ($1173.75), and information technology with an average salary of 25275 THB ($759.01).

Other professions that offer attractive salaries, though not in the top-paying range, include leasing with an average monthly income of 19052 THB ($572.13) and the banking sector offering 16264 THB ($488.41). 

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The average salary in Thailand varies according to several factors. Age, gender, experience, educational qualification, and location are some of the prominent factors affecting your salary in Thailand. Typically, people in Thailand earn an excellent average wage to maintain a better living standard.