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Average Immigration Lawyer Salary In 2022 is $69,245 annually.

Immigration Lawyer Salary

The average immigration lawyer salary in 2022 is $69,245 a year. The base salary ranges between $49,000- $107,000 per year. After the additional bonuses and compensation, the pay scale ranges between $50,000- $113,000 annually.

Immigration Lawyer Salary 2022:

1-4 years$55,000
5-9 years$82,000
10-19 years$110,000

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What Do Immigration Lawyers Do?

As an immigration lawyer, you will represent people from across the globe dealing with immigration and visa issues. The area of immigration and its various aspects have garnered intense political debate in the media over the years. This issue has become even more complex and serious with throngs of people pouring into the United States for work, study, or residence issues. Thus, the role of an immigration lawyer is more relevant today than it was ever before.

Different forms of law interact and impact the status of various legal matters of a person. For instance, criminal law, business law, family law, etc. may be impacted by a person’s immigration status. The complex details and intricate processes require a specialized person to work with the public and that is an immigration lawyer. Immigration lawyers help their clients with the legal matters of immigration and represent them in the administrative courts.

Now is the time to put your curiosity about the salary of an immigration lawyer to rest.

Immigration Lawyer Salary In Different U.S Cities:

City Annual Salary
New York City, NY $85,091
San Mateo, CA $83,967
Boston, MA $81,266
Juneau, AK $81,257
Berkeley, CA $80,698
Daly City, CA $80,470
Santa Monica, CA $80,323
Quincy, MA $79,989
Renton, WA $79,947
Mountain View, CA $79,458

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Most people don’t know this, but immigration law is federal, which means that you could live in New York, but work with a lawyer in California if you’re comfortable working remotely. This works for most people unless you’re dealing with issues that require frequent visits to the immigration court such as in removal and deportation cases. However, a lawyer in California may have more exposure to the issue that you are facing. Immigration lawyers typically charge anywhere between $100 and $250 for detailed consultations and many will credit this towards legal fees if you choose to retain them in the future.

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Now let’s talk about legal fees. Legal fees vary by immigration need. Most immigration lawyers charge a flat fee for commonly requested services. Lawyers typically charge hourly to respond to RFEs or file waivers on your behalf. Now, the reason two to hire an immigration lawyer is if you have complex circumstances. In these situations, an immigration attorney is your best shot at a positive outcome and you should hire one.

Does working with people from other countries and regions appeal to you? Do you like to interact with foreigners? If yes, there is the right job for you as an immigration lawyer. But before finalizing your decision to become an immigration lawyer, you must know a few things. For instance, knowing what do immigration lawyers do? Or how much does an immigration lawyer make, are some of the aspects you might be curious about. Let’s dive into the details of this topic that might interest many of you.

How Much Do Immigration Lawyers Make?

An Immigration lawyer salary in 2022 in the US is $69,245 per annum. This is the average salary of an immigration attorney. This salary varies according to immigration needs. The above-mentioned salary is the base pay without any bonuses. With bonuses and work experience, it can go as high as $107,000 per year.

The average lawyer salary also varies according to the state in the US. For instance, Massachusetts is topping the list at $78,723 with Hawaii and Connecticut closely following behind at $77,966 and $77,527 respectively. Looking at the complexity of their work, one should not come as a surprise.

What Factors Affect An Immigration Lawyer Pay?

It is no surprise that immigration law pays well. However, an Immigration lawyer salary varies substantially among the lawyers practicing this profession. The pay depends on the services offered, the type of client you cater to, and the location in the country. The salary of an immigration lawyer working with an NGO might be lower than the average of another law specialty. However, the person may accept this position because of the added benefits of serving people offering a spell of intrinsic motivation. On the contrary, some people prefer to work with top law firms which undoubtedly pay more. So the profession offers significant developmental prospects. 

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Knowing what you can make by entering into a profession is one of the most important aspects to know about a job position. After all, you are working to earn your living. The same goes for an immigration lawyer, The Immigration lawyer salary is less than a divorce lawyer salary standing at $85,349. However, it is still a lucrative job with positive growth opportunities. The right amount of hard work and networking can help you move up the ladder of this profession and become part of large and successful law firms offering you lucrative remunerations.