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Average Anesthesiologist Salary in Canada is CA$210,000 Per Year

anesthesiologist salary canada

The Average Anesthesiologist Salary in Canada 2022 is CA$210,000 Per Year. The Maximum salary given to an Anesthesiologist in Canada is CA$411,000 and the minimum salary given to them is CA$88,000 Per Year.

Anesthesiologist Salary in Canada 2022:

Less than 2 yearsCA$88,000
More than 2 yearsCA$210,000
More than 5 yearsCA$411,000

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Highest Paying Cities in Canada for Anesthesiologists:

City Annual Salary
Moose Jaw, SK                      CA$458,004
Estevan, SK CA$417,847
Brandon, MB CA$404,348
Prince Albert, SK CA$383,911
Grander, NL CA$352,254
Vancouver, BC CA$346,482
Toronto, ON CA$328,099
Corner Brook, NL CA$278,186
People do anesthesiology for pretty much everything such as neuro anesthesiology, obstetric anesthesiology. In general anesthesiology, the only thing people don’t do is open hearts. A 41-year-old doctor living in New Jersey Spencer gets a 1.3 million dollar income. It says an anesthesiologist living in New Jersey. So, how much does she spend on housing utilities and subscriptions was the most expensive thing she’s ever bought and she’s a 1.3 million dollar salary. Before we get started in New Jersey. I work as a doctor and I make about 1.3 million dollars a year. Through practicing medicine and other investments, I have about 6 million dollars in savings 1 million in 401k 350,000 a Roth IRA and 4.6 million and other investment stocks. Bonds after taxes my take home is seventy-five thousand eight hundred thirty-three dollars and seventy-five thousand dollars a month.