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Average Registered Nurse Salary Canada 2022 is C$80,118 per year

Nurse Salary Canada

The average registered nurse salary Canada in 2022 is C$80,118 per year. The salary ranges between C$58,323 and C$97,726 per year. However, this pay scale depends upon the experience.

Registered Nurse Salary Canada 2022:

Professional C$93,726

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Registered Nurse Salary By Job Titles:

Clinical NurseC$89,862
Registered Health NurseC$81,634
Operating Room NurseC$80,126
Community Health NurseC$81,126
Psychiatric Registered NurseC$86,126
Psychiatric NurseC$84,126

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Nursing in Canada is a great profession that I encourage everyone to pursue. However, the job is demanding from every perspective, physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Calculating salaries for registered nurses working full time in the provinces is not that straightforward as the years of experience your work increases your salary.

So the starting salary for a full-time a registered nurse in 2022 is C$36.23 an hour. This equates to c$70,648.5  Moving onto Alberta, they too have a wage grid based on experience. Currently, it states that a newly graduated registered nurse gets paid approximately C$37.60. If we take that number and multiply it by 1950 we get a total of C$73,320 dollars.