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Average Sonographer Salary in the UK 2021 is 78,500 GBP Per Year

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The Average Sonographer Salary in the UK 2021 is 78,500 GBP Per Year. The maximum salary of a Sonographer is 119,000 GBP Per Year, and their minimum salary is 30,400 GBP Per Year.

Sonographer Salary in the UK 2021:

Less than 2 years30,400 GBP
More than 2 years78,500 GBP
More than 5 years119,000 GBP

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Sonographer Salary in Cities of the UK:

City Average Salary
Aberdeen 79,700 GBP
Abingdon 74,000 GBP
Armagh 80,500 GBP
Bangor 71,300 GBP
Belfast 83,600 GBP
Birmingham 91,000 GBP
Bradford 84,600 GBP
Brighton 89,200 GBP
Bristol 93,400 GBP
Cambridge 78,600 GBP
Canterbury 72,400 GBP
Cardiff 86,400 GBP
Chester 73,300 GBP
Coventry 92,200 GBP
Derby 88,000 GBP
Derry 81,300 GBP
Dundee 83,900 GBP
Durham 75,800 GBP
Edinburgh 91,400 GBP
Exeter 78,300 GBP
Glasgow 92,200 GBP
Gloucester 76,100 GBP
Hartlepool 80,700 GBP
Inverness 72,200 GBP
Kingston upon Hull 90,100 GBP
Kirkwall 68,400 GBP
Leeds 93,400 GBP
Leicester 88,400 GBP
Lincoln 78,000 GBP
Lisburn 77,400 GBP
Liverpool 87,300 GBP
London 96,400 GBP
Manchester 92,200 GBP
Newcastle 86,400 GBP
Newport 77,000 GBP
Newry 78,400 GBP
Norwich 77,600 GBP
Nottingham 83,900 GBP
Oxford 85,100 GBP
Peterborough 84,400 GBP
Plymouth 85,200 GBP
Poole 78,800 GBP
Portsmouth 80,400 GBP
Ripon 75,300 GBP
Salisbury 76,500 GBP
Sheffield 91,400 GBP
Somerset 89,600 GBP
Southampton 83,200 GBP
St David’s 72,700 GBP
Stirling 80,100 GBP
Stromness 72,000 GBP
Strontian 69,900 GBP
Swansea 85,300 GBP
Truro 70,600 GBP
Wakefield 72,300 GBP
Wells 73,500 GBP
Winchester 75,400 GBP
Wolver Hampton 84,500 GBP
York 80,500 GBP

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